Friday, May 21, 2010

If I Wasn't Me I'd Hate Me Right Now

So, I've been going through my room 9throwing most of it out) and came across a rash of shirts and dresses I wore when I was younger (6th grade seems to be the average age if I'm remembering correctly).

My 6th grade self (braces, overweight, acne, awkward) haaaaaaaaaaaaates current me. Absolutely hates that I look better in shirts and dresses a decade later than when I bought and wore them the first time.

Also, going through all my old journals (those that actually recorded thoughts and didn't just have 'I Love Aaron Carter' scrawled on every page...I sense a bonfire coming on), I realise I was a pretty dumb kid. Never mind the incorrect answers on the vocabulary questions (Really, 5th grade me, expedient means a rule-breaker? Really? You're gonna have to show me the working on that one), I put all my hopes and dreams on becoming a pop star. Yes, I'll give you all a moment to laugh............there we are. Oh, still laughing? I'll wait............good. I was so certain of so much: that Aaron Carter would find me and fall in love with me, that I'd become a world-wide sensation, that Britney Spears would become my best friend (in my defense, it was early 2001, before she lose her marbles).

Silly, silly little me. Glad to see you're *looks at her Supernatural and Torchwood magazines* so much wiser *casts glance over her worn copy of Ten Inch Hero* Bugger.

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