Monday, October 29, 2007

Contraceptives In The Rain...Love This Planet

I was walking in the rain and I couldn't stop myself from doing Jack's bit about estrogen in the rain from the first episode of Torchwood.

I'm starting to rather enjoy having Jack in my head. I've noticed an extra sway in my hips when I walk, I'm not afraid to try and make eye contact with a girl, it's hard to describe. When he's around, it's like lying on top of a grand piano and feeling the vibrations. A constant feeling in the air, like the air has a flavor to it. I don't know how to describe it, maybe one of the alien devices is going wonky again (last time that happened Mark was turned into a teddy bear for about six hours, Roger spent five hours and 59 minutes laughing). I'm not really complaining, a mental mind fuck can be nice, after all.

I think I'm just falling under the multiverse famous Harkness charm, but it's weird. Good, but weird. Maybe that's why he can Jump out on his own. Of course, Ianto can do the same, but Ianto gives off a different feeling. Ianto is like a presence of good sense or a conscience...that looks so good in a suit, it renews my faith in British menswear, Jack is more protective...constant like I said, but also...invasive. Not invasive as in unwelcome and he's not Out all the time, he's safey in my head right now. But his presence, even when he's not present just makes me a satsified cat. All I want to do is stretch my limbs and purr. I've actually been purring recently, not even realizing it. Like I'm in a constant state of post-fuck bliss. Which considering how long it's been since I've had a fuck, is odd. That sounds weird. This all sounds weird. Next thing you know, I'll be tapping out drum patterns.

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