Wednesday, October 31, 2007

River Tam is Here

Beth said I could take her body over for the day since it's Halloween and she's dressed up as me. She's going to stay in her head and wander around because she's never seen it all. She took Ianto Jones and Dickon Sowerby with her. She left Captain Jack Harkness with me, even though he's not a real Captain

The dwarves are here. They seem happy, but I suspect ulterior motives. They're marching and singing and I distrust this.

Beth left the man with me because she wants him to keep an eye on me. "For your own protection, pet" is what she said, but she thought, "I have to keep him away from me. Besides River might need someone to stop her from going crazy." She told him that he can't so much as flirt with me, so he's being quiet. In his head, I can hear him thinking about Ianto. He wants Ianto's coffee and his ass and his heart. He loves him like Simon loves Kaylee and Mal loves Inara. Inara was going to look after me, but she can't Jump. Beth won't let her. Beth lets Jack Jump because she wants him to. Even if she doesn't know it.

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