Thursday, November 22, 2007

Geeky and Childish? That's Me!

I just spent the better part of an hour teaching my little cousin Jordan about the joys and wonders of Doctor Who. We kicked Dalek butt (but they kept returning, oh noes!), we were saved by Captain Jack Harkness (who stood by smiling and laughing at me being bossed around by a four year old), we met up with the Doctor and the TARDIS (she then preceded, much to the Doctor's horror, to insist we put him in a carseat and buckle him in tightly so he couldn't leave. He harumphed his way through this), then we went and grabbed Ianto Jones to join the adventure (to make it up to all of them, I convinced her to let me put Jack, the Doctor and Ianto all into one room...with a bed...and a drawer o' fun...she thought they were going to play...oh, they did).

We each had sonic screwdrivers (mine a classic blue, hers red) and she claimed the Master was after us...before I even mentioned the Master. There were carpet sharks as well, but after that it was all Doctor Who. I think we found Owen while looking for Ianto and tossed him out a window.

I have to get a sonic screwdriver for Christmas! I may have to ask Father Christmas (the Doctor).

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