Sunday, February 4, 2007

Stand the World on its Ear

Last night, I got a standing ovation.

Okay, so technically the entire show and all its cast got the ovation, but I was in five numbers so at least 20% of that was for me. We gave a (pardon my English) fucking awesome show! That night was why I'm an actress. Not because I like pretending to be other people or because the standing ovation made me all giggly. Because we put on a helluva great show and I felt great up there, sweating under the spotlight and trying to feed the words to people who were just mumbling.

Anyway, after the show we went to Beef O'Brady's as per usual. And for the first time, I felt a part of the group. My real moment of glory came with this exchange:

Craig: *looking at my phone* Who's Todd? Is it The Todd? (a sex shop) Beth, do you give demostrations at the Todd?
Beth: You should know, you were front row center at the last one.

Last night was definitely one of the best nights of my life.

So far.

Mucho love and happiness,

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