Sunday, February 4, 2007


Space. The Final Frontier. Well, not the final frontier because if it was final, there'd be no where else to frontier to... I digress (this will happen a lot)

Howdy all. My name is Beth, I'm 18, I'm an actress/singer/writer/photographer/activist/journalist/typist/vessel for the people who live in my head. I'm bisexual, but no I don't want to join you and your girlfriend in bed (unless you're both really hot, in which case send me a picture). I have three goals in life: to be in a Broadway/West End show, to make contact with my King of Geekery: Wil Wheaton, and meet the entire cast of Newsies and The History Boys

Fear not this blog, for it will not be the typical teenage blog. There will be no emo poetry, no long posts about my lack of a boyfriend/girlfriend, and no sob stories. This is where I will chronicle my triumphs, my embarassing moments, my daily insanities, and such like. And I vow one last thing to you, my readers:

I will use proper grammar. No LOL or j/k or anything of that ilk.

What do you say we get this started, my lieblings?

Mucho love and happiness,

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