Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Free at Last, Free at Last

Thanks Collins All-Awesome, I am free at last!

Well, at least until January starts a new semester. Though that semester will be at a different school, not at home, and I will be (all together now, class) independent!

Things I'm loving right now: country Christmas songs-"Christmas Cookies", "Holiday in Your Heart", "Angels Among Us", being free to do whatever for the rest of the year, my birthday being in a week and a half, de-stressing with a magazine and a hot cup of cider
Things I'm hating right now: the way my jaw thingy has kicked up again despite (or because of) seeing the oral surgeon who told me there is nothing wrong but stress, my back is killing me and my eyes are feeling like the juice has been sucked from them (blame metaphor on Joe vs. the Volcano)

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