Friday, December 12, 2008

History is a Mystery That's There to be Discovered

Went to the Ringling's (yeah the circus people, though I skipped that bit) Museum to see the Ancient Egyptian exhibit.

1. The Kimonos in the Japanese display were exquisite.
2. Remembering I'd been there before and having these little flashes of memory.
3. The beautiful paintings, the pieces of Egyptian life, the elegant manor house, the whole atmosphere seemed infused with a sense of history.
4. Gorgeous gardens, including a Secret Garden where I did most of the lines from The Secret Garden (book, movie, and musical)
5. Being able to be amazed.

1. CHILDREN EVERYWHERE! I have no idea how many groups of schoolchildren were being apathetically guided through by my No. 2
2. The docents really didn't know what they were talking about. They got tons of things inaccurate or didn't know key things to point out (i.e. how in Ruebens' work, the character looking out of the painting is always a self-portrait of the artist)
3. Couldn't find replacement Bast earrings *cries*

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