Monday, December 1, 2008


I’ve loved others, so many others in so many ways. And maybe some of the people I love now I’ll forget or just let fade away someday.

It just happens, without you even noticing it. Your heart changes. Today you love people you didn’t know existed three years or three months ago. And people you thought you were going to love forever, people you promised you’d never forget: maybe you did forget them. You didn’t mean to, but you did.
Hearts change. It’s the lucky people who can still love their childhood sweetheart twenty or fifty or more years down the road. That’s so rare, no matter what the teary movies tell you.

I know it’s happened for me. I know there are people I once loved that I don’t anymore. But I can’t recall their names unless I look into old diaries and the articles I once saved meticulously.

But that’s okay. It happens. And now I have others I can love. And years from now, I’ll probably forget some of them and let others take their place.
Of course, there are those who spark something inside me that will never, ever allow me to forget them.

Craig, Vic, Aubrey, Alex, Evie, Mary, John, Anthony, Adam, Chris, Nick. The unforgettables.

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