Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blood Doesn't Make a Family, Love Does.

So, it’s a half hour before midnight on Thanksgiving and I have been remiss. Now is the time I thank the characters who live in my head (and my heart).

Thanksgiving is supposed to be all about family (also turkey and the taking over of Native American land, but I digress), so I want to take this opportunity to say a word of thanks for the characters I know and love. To begin with, my Mimi: you were my first and my most constant. I love you chica! To Mark, Roger, Joanne, Angel, Collins, and little Gloria (who is growing up so very fast). To the boys who study history in Hector’s class and the ones who sell papes on the streets. To the coffee shop owner and her family, to her clients, to the Torchwood team (and assorted partners and children spanning the verses I’ve created for them), to the Doctor in the TARDIS and Rose in the Parallel World. To the garden boy and the piano girl. To the other Captain in braces and his crew of misfits who fit together. To the characters I created and the ones I borrowed from those better than I. To the characters who are me and the ones who are my friends and family. To the tart with a heart and the OC kids with kids. To the determined Helena and the puckish Robin Goodfellow. To the princess with a passion for fashion and the dirty rotten girl. To the love sleuth and the girl in the fuzzy pink bra. To Wilson caring loudly in his office, to the scared girls with Huntington’s. To the boys of Babylon and the vampires of the Underground. To the older versions of my young characters. To the Angel and the Demon who bring Good Omens. To Nancy and Tegan and the drama they provide with Hannah and Russel by their side. From the Brooklyn Heights to London’s Underground, from South Wales to the land east of the Mississippi River. From the Evans’ to the Lloyd’s. From the Harkness-Jones’ to the Marquez-Jefferson’s. From the newest arrival Rosie to the teenage version of Gloria and Radames II.

I give thanks for each and every one of you. You’re all brilliant characters that any writer would be lucky to work with and I’m thrilled to call you all mine. To you all: thanks for being there.

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