Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day Spent Cooing Over Crafts: Priceless

There's always been something about craft fairs for me. Now I have pretty much no practical uses at all; I am nearly inept at making arts and crafts. But I am amazed by other people's ingenuity.

Similarly, I'm also a huge fan of yard sales (might have one of my own to help pay for school). Next door had one today, so after returning from the craft fair I headed over. I like the almost voyeuristic aspect of buying someone else's things. You look at their offerings and wonder where they got them and how and why.

Today's purchases:
Craft Fair
A sweet little shell ornament to remind me of home when I'm in St Augustine (and later Cardiff) -.50
A white snowflake ornament sprinkled with green and purple face made by the kiddies of the church. Along with a lovely card featuring a Christmas scene on the coast (to put Mum's gift in) -1.00
A painted wooden good luck elephant, a inlaid wood cat, and a keychain that says: Love is a sweet poison (bit more...cynical is perhaps the right word, than I normally like, but something called to me) -7.00
Scrabble tile pendant: A bit of French art (le journal) with an E on the opposite side. -6.00
The big purchase was an absolutely beautiful pen with a pattern of purple swirls along the shaft. -20.00

Yard Sale
I would like to invoke Excuse #294 (Barrowman made me do it!) into play here. A lovely cotton wall hanging with Robert Burns on it, along with a quote and pictures of Scottish landmarks. -.50
A Kitchen Witch with hooks on the bottom of the panel. I'll need all the help I can get in my own kitchen... -.50
The Bells of St Mary's VHS (Mum's present): an old Bing Crosby movie that I adore. -.50
Travel the World: Italy VHS (because if I go to Verona, I should have at least some background knowledge) -.50
A red beret that I am going to figure out how to hide my hair in if only to fasten on a waistcoat and declare my Ianto Jones w/Red Unit Cap *winks* -1.00

See? Christmas shopping, new flat shopping and damn good time all for less than $40. Course now I will need to have my own yard sale in order to cover the costs and make some extra towards Christmas shopping for everyone else on my list.

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