Monday, November 24, 2008

The Way We Get By

Spent all of yesterday (around eight whole hours) at Kris' house yesterday, watching Torchwood with her, Justin, and Jorge from Miracle Worker. I did the best lines along with the telly, shushed our commentary for the best lines "He just..." "Came and went.", and generally made a dork of myself (even hid under my jacket during the more gory bits of Countrycide). But the best part was I was being a geek in front of people who are geeks as well! Justin and Jorge are now Torchwood fans, so my work is done!

But as the saying I have just made up goes: "As you shareth your obsessions with others, so shall they shareth their obsessions with you." Translation: I watch 3/4 of an episode of Supernatural and just HAD to finish it when I got home. Bless you oh, Now, as soon as I finish my gorram papers for Queer Theory and Feminism (assuming I ever do finish them before I commit hari-kari), I am going to watch more episodes.

What clinched the fact that I would now seek out Supernatural? This clip, as shown by Kris:

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