Sunday, November 9, 2008


So it's been a while since I posted, so let's you all up to speed on me, all right my lieblings?

1. Had a run of The Miracle Worker at Masque Theatre. Went off brilliantly, tripped and fell on my ass one night (when my friends were there no less) and made some bloody brilliant friends! Who I really should be scheduling to watch Torchwood with one of these days when I'm feeling less lazy.
2. Went to Maine to visit my childhood best friend Caralyn for her baby shower (She's since had the child. Baby girl named Lilian, to be called Lily and Red for as long as I speak of her) Learned I hate long flights.
3. Went to Dragon*Con in Atlanta. Made friends with four other girls (Mary-Keith, Chris, Lisa, Nancy), two adorkable boys (Charlie and Andy) and kissed a Welshman (Gareth David-Lloyd, bitches! and James Marsters called me "gorgeous")
4. NaNo is in full swing, hence the obvious procrastination exercise that this is.

For those souls interested in my NaNo, here's my plans:
1. Novella-The 42 Adventures of Jack and Ianto-fluffy fanfic crossover of Torchwood and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy...and whatever else I fancy
2. Novella-Monopoly (don't ask why)-new girl in Torchwood, who is not a MarySue because she's not dating anyone...although she did flirt with Tosh before RTD broke my heart and killed her off. Not to be confused with my "Girl who's been in Torchwood this whole time...tralalala"
3. Novella, trying to become my whole novel-Untitled as of now-Original characters (oh, I remember those things) Nancy and Tegan making a go of it in a flat in Cardiff. Nancy's a drag king MC at the local lesbian bar (if anyone catches the reference tell me and I'll buy you a drink) and her girlfriend Tegan is an interior designer. Together with their landlady Hannah, Tegan's best friend Russel and her sister (and Nancy's ex) Kate, an occasional cameo by their families the two young women attempt to balance life, reality, and the whole crazy shebang.
4. Various stories, most involving songs I love or ideas I couldn't get rid of.

Okay, let's end with my new bit of fun.
What I'm loving right now: Series 2 of Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares, being the thinnest I've ever been

What I'm hating right now: My Medieval Society paper being due tomorrow when it's about half-done and half-assed, this fucking tooth or jaw or TMJ or whatever the hell is wrong and how no one can fix it and I'm starving, that my download is going to take another hour yet.

Mucho love, my lieblings! May those of you doing NaNo be blessed with big word counts!

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